Why Pest Control Company Is Not the Right Solution for Rodent Infestation

Rodents are nuisance creatures which includes animals such as squirrels, mice, and rats. They can cause severe damages to our property. They can also contaminate our water supply and can transfer various diseases. Once you discovered that your house is infested with rodents, you need a professional to do the job. We highly discourage you from hiring the pest control company since they are not fully cut to finish the task.

Reasons Why Pest Control Companies Will Not Solve Your Rodent Infestation

Pest control companies will mostly deal with insect infestation such as termites, bees, cockroaches, etc. When it comes to wild animals such as rodents, they did not receive the right training to complete the job. Here are more reasons why pest control companies will not deliver a long-term solution for your problem.


Pest control companies will mostly use toxic chemicals when dealing with the problem. Apart from the fact that they carry certain hazards, they will not solve the infestation. It might control the population of the rodent, but the infestation will persist if you fail to solve the root cause of the problem. Poison can also kill the non-targeted animals such as your pest. It can cause irritation of the respiratory tract. It can also contaminate your air and water. On the contrary, the rodent removal specialist can perform different methods when getting rid of the rodent. They will not focus on the extermination of the creature but on the exclusion of the animal.


Since they will be focused in conducting chemical solution, the tools that they will be using will be limited. When performing the removal of the rodent, you will need different equipment to guarantee that the removal of the animal will be successful. You may need a bait station to keep the bait inaccessible to non-targeted animals. You may also need to set-up different trapping device or you may need to install an exclusion device. You all need the necessary tools to complete these tasks.

Lack of Training

The pest control company will not receive the right training to conduct rodent removal. They need to go through training to ensure that the rodent control method will be performed according to the industry standard and within the existing regulation. They also need training in order to appropriately set-up and use the equipment. By going through a series of training, they will be educated on how to properly conduct inspection, repairs, decontamination, that will enable them to provide a range of services related with rodent infestation.

If you want a better solution for your rodent infestation, hiring the rodent removal company would be a better choice. They went through an extensive seminar and training that enables them to execute the techniques and use different tools. They also carry the necessary permits and licenses which ensures the homeowners that the removal of the animal will be done according to the jurisdictions. They will target the original cause of the infestation and not just the symptoms.

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