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We are a professional animal removal company headquartered in Huntington, and servicing all of Suffolk County, NY. We solve problems with wild critters in the home and around the property. We handle animals such as squirrels, raccoons, skunks, rats, mice, opossums, and even snakes, bats, and birds. We most commonly receive calls about scratching sounds in your attic, or digging in your lawn, or many other critter problems. We not only remove animals, but we provide a wide array of services, from animal damage repairs, preventative home repairs, attic cleaning, and more. We are fully licensed and insured in New York, and we answer our phones 24/7. Call us now at 631-759-4818 for a free price quote and to schedule a same-day or next day appointment for animal removal.

For more than ten years, our company has been helping the locals get rid of their unwanted visitors humanely and safely. We are armed with more than 100 experts and professionals who are dedicated to fulfilling this unique purpose and guided by values that establish our business as the leader in wildlife management. Through the data that we gathered and the insights of our experts, we deliver solutions that will eliminate the risk and transform your house once more into a haven. Aside from transforming this industry, we have also changed the way we work together and interact with our clients. We want to make sure that the property and our customers will be treated with respect and with the same values and ethics that we uphold. We remain the leading provider of wildlife management solutions. Aside from dealing with exotic wild animals, we can also handle urban pests. Remember that not all companies are permitted to process your problems. You may end up facing a lot of legal charges if you employ a company that is not licensed to deal with protected species. Choose only the company you can trust. Know more about our companies by looking at the different informative articles in our blog section or by calling us on our hotline number.

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We are competitively priced, but for the value you get, we are the best. Not all companies are the same! A pest control company will bill you monthly, for years, but never solve the problem. We solve your wildlife problem, permanently, the first time. No two jobs are exactly alike, so call us at 631-759-4818 for a price quote.

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Huntington Wildlife Trapper Tip of the Month:
Step-by-Step Guide in Creating Rat Trap

During a rat infestation, most homeowners will consider using a rat poison without being aware of its adverse health effects. Toxic fumes and chemicals can irritate your respiratory tract. In addition, it is an indiscriminate killer, which exposes your pets and kids to the same level of risks. For a better solution, we recommend the use of trapping device. It is an affordable and safe solution against rat infestation.

How to Build Your Own Rat Trap

To those who love to do DIY stuff, you can use simple materials inside your house to build a rat trap. These are inventive and creative ways to end your infestation problem.

Creating a Bucket Rat Trap

There are different variations of bucket rattrap. All of them are effective in capturing those agile and crafty rats.

  • Using Spoons and Buckets- This is probably the simplest version of the bucket rattrap. You can complete this trap by preparing ladle or spoon, bait paste, and a bucket. Be sure, that the bucket will be large enough that will prevent the rat from escaping. If you do not have a bait paste, you can use a peanut butter instead. Spread the bait paste on the handle of the ladle or spoon. Place the spoon across your bucket. Once the rat climb on the spoon to retrieve the peanut butter, the rat together with the spoon will fall inside the bucket.
  • Using Plank and Buckets- Instead of using a spoon, you will use a plank. You can use a dog food as a bait and place it at the end of the plank. Install the plank on a bucket with a 5-gallon capacity. Crete a staircase that will make it easier for the rat to climb the plank.
  • Using Rolling Log- Another version of bucket rattrap would be by using the roller of the foil. You will also need a wire or metal rods. Create a hole on both side of the bucket. Insert the roller inside the metal rod before installing it in the hole of the bucket. Place a bait paste on the roller. Once the rat tried to retrieve the bait paste, the trap will roll, and the rat will fall inside the bucket.
Shoebox Trap

This trap needs minimal material but will not be as effective as the bucket trap. You will have to prepare a pencil and a shoebox. We recommend the use of shoebox since it is laminated and thick. In case the rat want to escape the shoebox, it will take a while before they can chew it. This is a humane and simple trap. Place the shoebox upside down and then use the pencil to prop the box at one end. Smear some peanut butter on the box. Once the rat tries to eat the peanut butter, the box will shift and the pencil will fall trapping the rat inside.

If you are looking for the right method to get rid of the rat, the homemade rattrap we mentioned above are the most affordable and easiest humane solution. Avoid using chemicals since it may lead to more problems.

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